Case Studies

Clients nationwide depend on ProviderWorks for its services in the following areas:

  • Strategic analysis, plan development and implementation
    ProviderWorks supports healthcare provider executives as they evaluate and assess their organization's business practices and its ability to sustain major change. ProviderWorks will assess, recommend, and implement organizational enhancements directed to sustainable expense reduction.
  • Strategic sourcing
    By evaluating and monitoring purchasing practices, strategic sourcing can greatly lower the overall cost of procurement. Simply put, it rationalizes an organization's supply chain. For example, our vendor analysis process will benchmark your costs against those of competing organizations, leading to best-in-class pricing. Further, strategic sourcing can reduce the number of suppliers, meaning fewer transactions - and greater business efficiency.
  • Non-labor expense reduction
    Allied with Expense Reduction Analysts, a global cost reduction consultancy, ProviderWorks provides a host of non-labor expense reduction services to healthcare providers.
    • Now, ERA-licensed ProviderWorks Associates have access to proprietary software and benchmarking data to negotiate terms and pricing with thousands of healthcare suppliers every year.
    • ProviderWorks advisors have access to over 700 experts in 30 countries credentialed in hundreds of cost reduction categories.
    • ProviderWorks offers a value proposition: If we don't find savings, clients don't pay a fee.
  • Contract management
    As experts in contract analysis, ProviderWorks Associates serve as client-advocates. We manage contract life-cycles by ensuring requirements are clear, that measures are established, and that proper contract controls are in place. Once best-in-class pricing is secured, ProviderWorks maintains a watchful eye to ensure suppliers honor agreements - to mitigate our clients' financial and legal risks.

Examples of savings:

Medical-Surgical Supplies

Hospital Operating Costs


Implantable Devices


Real Estate taxes

Energy and Utilities

Nursing Home Medical Supplies

Contact ProviderWorks for details on strategic planning implementation and non-labor cost reduction services: 877-411-2121.